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Laws of the Mezuzah: Once Up
1. Checking

Mezuzahs are to be checked twice in seven years. This applies even if the Mezuzahs that you put up were 100% certified by a reliable source, since over time, the letters may be eroded, particularly on Mezuzahs which are attached on outdoor doorways, such as your front door.

There is no need to worry about the fact that your house will be without Mezuzahs while they are being checked, since the Halakhah does not require a house to have Mezuzahs up during this time. Some recommend to leave at least one Mezuzah up while the rest are being checked.

2. Moving

When moving, if a Jew is moving into the house you are leaving, then you are supposed to leave your Mezuzahs behind. If a non-Jew is moving in, or if nobody will be moving in, then you may take your Mezuzahs with you.

3. Keeping in Touch

It is customary to touch the Mezuzah with one’s hand and then to kiss the hand when one enters or leaves a room or building with a Mezuzah.

The hope is that this simple act of love and reverence will focus one’s attention upon the Mitzvah of Mezuzah, so that one will reflect upon the reason we have put the Mezuzah scroll up: to affirm our belief that God's presence and protection rests upon and within our dwellings. So let’s take the time and feel the beauty and power of this Mitzvah, through which we can feel a constant connection to God.
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