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Laws of the Mezuzah: Affixing
1. Rolling

The parchment is rolled in order to protect the lettering. The mezuzah must be rolled in the following manner:
With the writing facing inward. A mezuzah rolled the other way, with the writing exposed, is halachically unacceptable.
Begin rolling at the left edge of the Mezuzah.
Carefully, smoothly, so the parchment is not creased.

After rolled, some advise wrapping the scroll in cellophane or wax paper for further protection.

2. Affixing

Container. Once rolled, the Mezuzah is placed inside a container, again for protection. The container may be made of all kinds of substances: wood, glass, plastic, porcelain, etc. Make sure the Mezuzah is placed right-side up inside the container!

Material. Affix the Mezuzah to the doorway with a permanent material, such as nails or glue. Regular tape would be invalid, since it would not be sufficiently strong to keep the Mezuzah up permanently.

Where. The Mezuzah is attached to the doorway in the following manner:
On the right doorpost, as one enters the room.
At the bottom of the top-third of the doorway.
On a slant, with the top part leaning inward.

see it

3. Blessing

The following blessing is recited when putting up a Mezuzah:

“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who has sanctified us with His mitzvot, and commanded us to affix a mezuzah.” see more

The blessing should be recited while holding the Mezuzah up next to the doorpost, immediately prior to affixing it.

If affixing more than one Mezuzah, the blessing is said only once, before affixing the first Mezuzah. One should try to minimize talking until all the Mezuzot have been put up.
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