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The World Wide Mezuzah Campaign. A project of the Baal Shem Tov Foundation - a 501c3 non-profit organization
The World-Wide Mezuzah Campaign
The fundamental goal of The World Wide Mezuzah Campaign is to unify the Jewish people. By fulfilling the mitzvah of Mezuzah, this unity can be accomplished by each Jewish person: man, woman or child. The mitzvah can be easily fulfilled by affixing a Mezuzah on the “Doorpost Of Your House Or Upon Your Gates”, as required by Jewish law.

The Mezuzah is a great and ancient mitzvah. G-d’s command to the ancient Hebrew people to smear blood on their doorposts in Egypt, as recounted every Pesach for the last 3500 years, was the precursor to our Mezuzah. Just as the blood on the doorpost protected our forefathers in Egypt, so a Mezuzah attached to a door of our house protects us today. Based on this underlying Jewish belief, the Mezuzah must have an effect on the soul of a person who lives in a house with a Mezuzah attached to a doorpost. The Mezuzah is always infusing our souls with their special spiritual energy. Through this spiritual process, all of us that have Mezuzahs are spiritually interconnected.

A Mezuzah is a very holy object. It is a piece of parchment on which the first two paragraphs of the Shema are written. It must be prepared in a specific way by an expert scribe (Sofer), in accordance with numerous laws that govern their writing. If a Mezuzah is not written correctly, it will not produce the desired spiritual effect. In these times, many people have a Mezuzah case on their door. They often don’t realize, however, that the Mezuzah itself, i.e., the piece of parchment, is not kosher or sometimes not even in the Mezuzah case. While a Mezuzah, typically located in a Mezuzah case, is the traditional sign of a Jewish household, if the parchment is not kosher, it just doesn’t work.

Regretfully, many Jewish people know little about Mezuzahs. But faith is high right now. The present spiritual regeneration is mainly effected by Jewish women, who by their nature have a high degree of faith. In a traditional Jewish family, the wife is responsible for creating the home and the well-being of their family. The most important means we have, as Jewish people, to protect our family both physically and spiritually is through our Mezuzahs. This is the ultimate life insurance policy – it is underwritten by G-d.

It's time for Jewish women to understand the spiritual protection that kosher Mezuzahs provide and ensure that they are placed on each of the doorposts of their homes (other than the bathrooms). Through the spiritual connection provided by our Mezuzahs of all Jewish men, women and children, we will create a strong veil of protection about the Jewish People.
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