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A Letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Below is a letter written by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1976. It is just as applicable in today's world.

To the Jewish Mothers and Daughters everywhere,

G-d bless you.

Blessing and Greeting:

In view of recent events – the hijacking and saving of the hostages held in Uganda; and the subsequent attempt of the terrorists to perpetrate a vicious reprisal, G-d forbid, in Kushta (Istanbul),

It should be understood that these events are an indication that Jews must, at the earliest possible, strengthen all aspects of their security and defenses – first and foremost in their spiritual life, which is the channel to receive G-d’s blessings also in the physical aspect, namely, to know the right ways and means that have to be undertaken in the natural order of things, and to fully succeed in these efforts, in accordance with the Divine promise “G-d, your G-d, will bless you in all that you do” to be protected and secured from enemies, and to be spared any undesirable happenings, G-d forbid.

The above events remind each and all of our Jewish brethren in general, and Jewish mothers and daughters in particular – since every married Jewish woman is called Akeres Habayis, “Foundation of the Home” and those not yet married are to be Akeres Habayis, for which they must prepare themselves from tender age – the following:

The present situation calls for the protection of every Jewish home. True protection is that which only G-d provides, as it is written, “G-d guards the city.” To ensure his Devine guardianship, the home has to be conducted in all aspects according to G-d’s will.

Then the home is also an abode for the Shechinah (G-ds presence), in accordance with His promise, “I will dwell among them.”

In addition to this, G-d has given our people a special gift wherewith to protect the home, namely the Mitzvah of Mezuzah. Our Sages declare explicitly that “the home is protected by it (the Mezuzah).”

Moreover, this protection embraces the members of the household also when they go out of the house, as it is written “G-d will guard your going and coming from now and forever.” It is further explained in our holy sources that the Divine Name (Shin-Dalet-Yud) written on the back of the Mezuzah parchment spells out the words “Shomer Dalsos Yisroel (Guardian of Jewish Doors)”

Let it also be remembered that in as much as all Jews constitute one body, and are bound up with one another, every Mezuzah is a Divine protection not only for the individual home, with everybody and everything in it, but each additional kosher Mezuzah that is affixed on a doorpost of any Jewish home anywhere, adds to the protection of all our people everywhere.

And considering as mentioned above that every Jewish housewife is an Akeres Habayis, and every Jewish girl is a future Akeres Habayis, they have a special Zechus (merit) and responsibility in the matter of Mezuzah, to see to it that not only a kosher Mezuzah be affixed on every doorpost of their home that is required to have a Mezuzah, but that the same be done by their Jewish neighbors and friends, and in all Jewish homes.

I hope and pray that you will do this with inspiration and joy, which, in addition to increasing the Hatzlocho (success) in this effort, will also inspire many others to do likewise, and the Zechus Horabim (the merit you brought to the many) will further stand you in good stead.

The present time is particularly auspicious for this endeavor, as for endeavors in all matters of goodness and holiness, since we are in the beginning of the month of Elul the month of spiritual stocktaking, to complete the deficiencies of the outgoing year and to prepare for the New Year, that is be a good and blessed year for each and all of us and for our Jewish people as a whole.

With esteem and blessing of Kesivo ve Chasimo Tovah,

(From a letter of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of Rosh Chodes Elul, 5736)
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